Waking Up with Foot Arch Pain?


Waking up with sore feet can be inconvenient and a real pain (pun intended), but foot pain can also be a sign of a more serious underlying problem.
Foot pain could be something as simple as overdoing it during a workout, or wearing shoes that are too tight. However, it could also be a sign of a more serious condition, such as plantar fasciitis, or a muscle tear. If you’re experiencing foot pain, it’s important to pay attention to other symptoms that you might be experiencing. For example, does the pain get worse when you walk or put pressure on your feet? Are your joints swollen or red? If you’re concerned about your foot pain, check out the possible causes and what you can do to fix it.


1. Plantar fascia or Arch Muscle is tight
SYMPTOM: Pain will be mid arch or at heel on touch.
FIX IT: If it feels tight, but there is no swelling and you can put weight on it, stretching and wearing insoles or orthotics fitted by a Podiatrist can help. You may want to see a Physical Therapist if the pain relates to how you are walking. Using heat is better than cold for this type of pain.

2. Extensor Muscle is tight
SYMPTOM: It hurts when you point your toes, or move forward through the toes when you walk or run.
FIX IT: The extensor muscles are on the top of the foot. Their tightness can cause tightness of the counterbalance muscle. Treatment is the same as arch muscle tightness, but this muscle must be released enough to release the arch muscle too. Try Archmaker to release both arch and extensor muscles.

3. Overuse injury causing inflammation
SYMPTOM: Pain is more intense on touch, more pinpointed, and slightly palpable.
FIX IT: Overuse means exactly that. Pain is due to lack of support of the arch and doing too much. This type of pain is typically diagnosed by a Podiatrist.

Ice, oral anti-inflammatories, and slow stretches with heat are best. Resting for 1-week intervals will help rest the foot and allow the muscles to heal. If you are a runner, reduce mileage by half for 1-week intervals. Use Archmaker at night to help stretch the muscle and build muscle memory while you are inactive.

4. Lack of adequate shock absorption or Support
FIX IT: This is the first sign to not walk barefoot! If you are feeling lack of support or poor shock absorption in shoes, add over the counter insoles or custom orthotics into shoes to support the arch better.

5. You tore the Plantar fascia Muscle
SYMPTOM: You will not be able to put full weight on foot and may limp. Arch may appear swollen.
FIX IT: Tears can only be diagnosed by an MRI. You will need a Rx by a Podiatrist. Treatment will usually be a cast boot for 4 weeks minimum.

6. Achilles tendon is tight
SYMPTOM: Pain will be in the back of the heel or on the tendon itself, and the tendon may feel tight. This will make the arch muscle tight thru the Windlass Mechanism.
FIX IT: Stretching, physical therapy, and an insole or orthotic with a heel lift to give the muscle slack. Heat helps more that cold.

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