Dr. Po Raval

Podiatrist in Waldwick, NJ
Dr. Raval has been practicing as a Podiatric Physician for over 35 years, treating foot and ankle issues in all age groups.  She is dedicated to educating the public about their feet as they relate to activity, injury, inflammatory issues, and chronic pain in bone and soft tissue.  She developed Archmaker to help patients whose plantar fasciitis kept flaring up despite anti-inflammatories, stretching, orthotic use, proper shoe gear.
Dr. Raval is likewise passionate about teaching younger practitioners entering the field to be independent and dedicated to patient care.  She is the author of the Physician Practice Blueprint for young medical professionals.
She herself is an adventurer and runner.  She has completed 3 Marathons to date, (NY Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, and the inaugural Jersey City Marathon), and is an avid technical rock climber, high altitude hiker, and summit seeker, summiting 111 of the highest peaks of the Northeast US along with Mt. Rainier and Mt Whitney solo.
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