The five best exercises to build the Plantar Fascia muscle

Core Training Your Feet: The 5 Best exercises to build Arch Strength

Strengthening the arches in your feet is an essential part of preventing plantar fasciitis and staving off the painful symptoms that come with it.

Fortunately, there are a variety of exercises you can incorporate into your fitness routine to make sure your plantar fascia stays healthy and strong. Resistance band exercises, calf stretches, toe raises, and ankle mobility drills are all great options for building arch strength and helping prevent plantar fasciitis.

Building arch strength is essential for preventing plantar fasciitis, and with consistent practice, stretching exercises will help to build arch strength.

Your Arch muscle, also known as the Plantar Fascia muscle, consists of 3 bands that hold the entire body up. Like any muscle, the plantar fascia can be strengthened to build a more solid base or platform to hold body weight, give better shock absorption for activity, and train for specific sports.

Here are the best the five best exercises to build the Plantar Fascia muscle:

1. Walk forward side to side while scrunching your toes
2. Walk forward and back on tiptoes
3. Walk forward and back on heels
4. Stand still and go from flatfooted to slowing rolling to stand on tiptoes and slowly roll back to flatfooted
5. Increase walk and run distance and speed by 10% daily

All exercises should be done for 10 rounds on both feet, in the morning and evening. Incorporating these into your daily routine is an easy way to strengthen your arches.

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