Real cure for plantar fasciitis

The REAL Cure for Plantar Fasciitis that Nobody Talks About

If you have dealt with arch pain, you have probably seen many different ways to relieve the pain. You may have heard to roll the bottom of your foot on a cold water bottle, use stretching bands, or try dropping your heel off of a stair step.

While all of these are good to help the bottom of the foot and relieve pain, we also need to look at stretching the opposing muscles, which are on the TOP of the foot.

The muscles on the top of your foot are your extensor muscles. Extensor muscles run along the tops of the feet, connecting your toes to your shins, and help straighten the feet and toes. Regularly stretching these muscles will help alleviate arch pain by improving flexibility. Additionally, by strengthening these muscles, it can relieve arch pain associated with standing or walking for prolonged periods of time.

Ballet dancers illustrate a perfect example of how to stretch your foot muscles to prevent plantar fasciitis. Arch pain is one of the most painful forms that can occur in a dancer’s foot, so stretching and strengthening exercises are paramount for their performance and longevity.

Archmaker was designed to stretch and strengthen the foot much like a dancer does. It holds your foot in a pointe position. This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re getting the stretch of the top of the foot, AND you’re getting a release of the bottom. When you use Archmaker consistently, 4 hours per night for 4 weeks, you create muscle memory in your foot which helps relieve plantar fasciitis long term.

Try Archmaker today to cure your plantar fasciitis for good!

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