Proprioception and Plantar Fasciitis

We all learned about the 5 senses in elementary school- sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing- but did you know that we have a 6th sense? A lesser-known phenomenon, proprioception is often referred to as the sixth sense. It describes an unconscious awareness of the body’s position and movement in space.
Proprioception is essential for things like balance and coordination, as well as providing information about where your limbs and joints are without having to look at them. This largely subconscious knowledge has clear implications in mobility activities such as running, sports, and dancing.
Proprioception, or the ability of sensing how the body is moving in relation to other parts of it, is important when it comes to plantar fasciitis. This movement is what allows us to remain balanced and taking control of our own body’s movements.
When plantar fascia becomes inflamed from overuse or injury — a common cause for plantar fasciitis — proprioception can become impaired. That’s why plantar fasciitis sufferers may need to do more than stretching exercises: maybe taking part in activities that involve weight support and standing on one leg such as tai chi and yoga may be beneficial in order to help this muscle gain strength and regain control over its own movements. Ultimately, developing awareness of your body as you move and learning how that movement feels will benefit everyone when it comes to plantar fasciitis.
Using Archmaker will also help improve proprioception, as it helps release the full length of the plantar fascia muscle, thereby allowing the toes to reach the ground (called toe purchase). Proprioception, or balance occurs when the toes reach the ground during gait, or the way you walk.
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