How 3D printing Has Revolutionized Orthotics

3D technology has revolutionized the footwear industry, and plays an important role in the creation of orthotics, providing a more precise and custom fit to individuals who need them. The current 3D technology for medical orthotics is providing great advancements in many areas, including comfort, durability and accuracy. The accuracy has been so effective that footwear giants like Adidas, Nike and others have been working on 3D printing of custom sneakers for a few years now, and we are likely to see these hit the market in the near future.

3D scanning of a patient’s foot can provide incredibly detailed information which is then fed into 3D printers and other specialized equipment to create orthotics tailored to their needs. 3D technology can significantly reduce the amount of prototyping necessary where traditional methods would be used, saving time for both clinical staff and patients.
3D-printed orthotics are also proven to be more durable than those created with older techniques, ensuring that patients don’t sacrifice comfort for reliability when creating essential devices for mobility management. 3D technology is ushering in an entirely new era of precision in orthotic creation.

We design Archmaker, a night splint used to treat Plantar fasciitis, using this same 3D technology. It is made with a scan of the foot in all sizes, male and female, based on a dancer’s pointe position. When using this device, the foot is held in the pointe position and releases the plantar fascia completely, while stretching the extensor muscles on the top of the foot.

3D Scanning allows benefits to extend from elite athletes, like ballet dancers, to the masses. Need a treatment for Plantar Fasciitis that actually works? Try Archmaker and see how 3D technology is helping get rid of plantar fasciitis for good.

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