Why Does Plantar Fasciitis Pain Come Back?

Living with plantar fasciitis can be a constant battle. Just when you think you have defeated the pain, it comes back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, foot pain returning is a common issue for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. There are several reasons why the ache sneaks its way back into your life.
Here are the top 10 reasons that Plantar Fasciitis pain comes back.
  1. You are carrying a higher body weight that your muscles and bones are not helping you withstand.
  2. There may be underlying arthritis.
  3. Your foot type. High arched and flatfooted people tend to have plantar fasciitis come back more often other than these underlying factors.
  4. Beginning a new exercise routine too quickly. Jumping from a 10K to a marathon and not letting your body transition into higher mileage can cause plantar fasciitis to come back faster.
  5. The surface you are running on. Going from an indoor treadmill to an outdoor track or to gravel too quickly, or uphill to downhill too quickly, can cause plantar fasciitis to come back.
  6. Sudden weight gain, including pregnancy. You’re not letting your muscles adjust to that new body weight.
  7. Shoe gear. Even transitioning from a flat shoe like Keds, into Hokas, New Balance or Adidas can cause issues. All those shoes may be more supportive, but you still have to transition into them. Transition by wearing the new shoes two hours a day. When you are doing a transition into orthotics or insoles, you cannot change that quickly. Your body must react to it.
  8. Skipping your stretching routine. Not a good idea. Stretching before and after every exercise is really important.
  9. Transitioning to a new activity. While your muscle is in pain, you have to give your muscle a chance to adjust, relax, calm down, and transition slowly. Again, try two hours a day, very slowly so that that muscle, can ease into the activity you are doing.
  10. You are not creating muscle memory. There are many good treatments for the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, but most of them do not solve the underlying issue. By using a product like Archmaker, you put your foot into full flexion like a dancer does when in pointe position. Doing this releases the plantar fascia muscle and stretches the opposing extensor muscles. Wearing Archmaker for 4 weeks, for 4 hours per night allows you to create the muscle memory needed, making plantar fasciitis pain go away long term.

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