How to Find The Best Orthopedic Shoes: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Are you tired of compromising style for comfort when it comes to your footwear? Orthopedic footwear has come a long way from the fuddy duddy styles of yesteryear. Today, there is a wide range of orthopedic shoes available that offer the perfect blend of fashion and orthopedic support. Here is what to look for in the best orthopedic shoes, and a few styles I love.

What to Look for in an Orthotic Friendly Shoe:

1. Arch Support: The Secret to Happy Feet

This feature ensures that your feet stay stable and properly aligned, keeping those arches happy and free from soreness. Proper arch support will help prevent plantar fasciitis.

2. Variety of Widths: Perfect Fit for Every Foot

Finding the right fit for your feet is essential for comfort. Orthopedic shoes should cater to all foot widths, ensuring that no one is left behind. Propet Footwear understands this and offers a variety of widths, from medium to extra wide. Whether you have narrow feet or extra-wide feet, you can find a pair that fits you like a glove.

3. Ample Depth: Customization at Its Best

Orthopedic shoes often require additional insoles or orthotics for optimal support. That’s why a great orthopedic shoe should have extra depth to accommodate these inserts comfortably.  The Propet One LT is a nice looking men’s athletic shoe that fits custom orthotics comfortably.

4. Roomy Toe Box: Space for Happy Toes

Look for a shoe with a wide and deep toe box that allows your toes to spread naturally.  A shoe like the Tour Knit Sneaker by Propet, offered in both Men’s and Women’s styles, allows toes to breathe and move freely.  Shoes like this are Medicare Approved, meaning it is approved for reimbursement under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit (also known as the Therapeutic Shoe Bill).

5. Interior Comfort: A Cushioned Retreat

The interior of an orthopedic shoe should be a sanctuary of comfort. Look for shoes with a smooth and protective inside, free from irritating seams. Cushioned inner sides and backs are an added bonus, giving your feet a pampered and cushioned experience with every step. 

6. Flexibility Meets Style: Stretchable Uppers

Look for shoes with stretchable uppers that conform to your foot shape while allowing for natural movement. 

7. Lightweight and Stable Soles: Walking on Air

Orthopedic shoes no longer need to be clunky and heavy. Look for lightweight soles that provide stability without sacrificing comfort. The Propet Ultra is a nice choice for women looking for orthotic friendly shoes.

Wearing the right shoe gear is a pinnacle part of keeping your feet injury free.  A shoe that allows for custom orthotics and insoles will help keep your feet supported while active.  

To further care for your feet, use a device like Archmaker while at rest to help stretch and strengthen the plantar fascia muscle. Using Archmaker consistently will help build muscle memory over time, helping you feel footloose and fancy free.

When it comes to finding the perfect orthopedic shoe, comfort and style go hand in hand. Thanks to brands like Propet Footwear, you no longer have to choose between the two! Their stylish and orthotic-friendly shoes, available in a variety of widths and sizes, offer the best of both worlds. So, step into the world of comfortable and fashionable footwear and experience the joy of happy feet that feel as good as they look!

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