Is Walking Barefoot Better for You than Wearing Shoes?

Have you ever wondered if walking barefoot is better for your feet than wearing shoes? Well, the answer may differ depending on your foot type. There are three main types of feet: flat-footed, medium arch, and high arch. While walking barefoot may be beneficial for some, it’s important to consider your foot type before kicking off your shoes.

Flat-footed individuals have a very low arch where your bony area hits the ground, and have little to no arch. Then there are medium arches, which most people have. Those with medium arches have an average arch height, and high-arched individuals have prominent arches.

For flat-footed individuals, walking barefoot can put more strain on their feet and lead to pain, as their feet lack the support that shoes provide. On the other hand, those with high arches may benefit from walking barefoot, as it can help stretch out the muscles and tendons in their feet if they are tight.

No matter what your foot type, everyone from flatfooted to medium to high arched people need some support level.

What I have found with my patients is those people who chose to walk primarily barefoot tend to still be tight at the end of the day, or the beginning of the morning. Archmaker, which is this device based on the dancer’s point position, releases the planter fascia muscle. When worn four hours a day for four weeks, it gives you the muscle memory needed to provide long lasting strength and support even if you are primarily walking around barefoot.

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